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International Gay Sauna

ok, here are the addresses of Gay Sauna in some countries.
if you interested to visit gay sauna in these following countries
just find some information about the place that i put in here (just click "the complete article") before u go there, coz some places are might be closed.
i choose the best places in USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Holland
well at least a place you could give a try to visit.

i know some gay saunas in Indonesia, the capital = jakarta, also
my homeland= Bandung. i visited 2 places 4 years ago [in 2004]
one in jakarta and one in Bandung City.
but i think it's not so very good place(for international standard)
so i dont included them in here.
and i've never been there again in mylife.
i'm afraid of dark room.
i'm afraid of ghost.
a little cowardy and superstitious.

hahahha just kidding.
the reason why i afraid of dark room is
i dont like to be with someone i can't even see his face.
moreover, his dick. i need to be secure of what person
i'm getting involved. that's all.

meanwhile my bf who also got there with me concerning about
that dark room, and all we both wanna do was leaving that room at once.
but yeah it's pretty fun outside the dark room.
we found the rooms are quite clean, and

!!!~free condom~!!!

Yes! that's what i and my bf need. we had fun and feel more secure.
in jakarta, we met some cool guys over those places.
we were foursome. i, my bf and 2 other persons.

ok, let's check out these addresses:

24 Kaikan Asakusa
2-29-16 Asakusa, Taito-ku
near Asakusa Station)
Tokyo, Japan
Tel. 3844 7715

o to Nakadori (Central) street in Shinjuku 2-Chome. Nakadori street has the most gay bookstores in the area. Go to the north on the street and you'll soon find Yasukuni Dori street. Cross the Yasukuni Dori street and then you'll find a MOS Burger hamburger shop to your left. Turn right on the alley right before the MOS Burger. HX is located on the first floor of a regular residential (manshon) apartment building. And its name "HX" is written very small and the place is very dimly lit.
Tokyo, Japan

Tokyos Mens Club
5F Daini Kunisha Building
11-10 Shinjuku 3 Chome
Tokyo, Japan
Tel. 3355 3389

2-30-19 Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku
(Near Ikebukuro station)
Tokyo , Japan
Tel. 5951 0995

Maeda Building
4F Akasaka 5-4-17, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan
Tel. 5563 0523

Baltomore Sauna
Calle 33, Carrera 17-17 (c/o Hotel Maria Isabel)
Bogota , Colombia
Tel. 2452650

Thermas Spa
Transversal 20 # 60-25
Bogota ,Colombia
Tel. (9)1-2487231

Carrera 15 # 32-26
Bogota , Colombia
Tel. (9)1-2325809

Saint Moritz Baths
Calle 59 No. 9-34
Bogota, Colombia

Club 89
Rua Ernani Cardoso, 89
Rio de Jaineiro, Brazil
Tel. 2594-9287

Setor de Diversões Sul, Ed. Venâncio Jr - subsolo
Brasília, Brazil

Le Boy Fitness
Rua Raul Pompéia, 102 - Copacabana
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel. 021-25229175

Sauna 18
Rua santo Amaro, 18
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel. 2224-3213

Stúdio 64
Rua Redentor, 64 - Ipanema
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel. 021-25235670

Roger's Termas Roger's Termas2
Rua Ministro Alfredo Valadão, 36
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel. 2549-9096

Rua das Margaridas, 18 - Araçatiba - Maricá - Niterói
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel. 021-97916138

Rua Bonsucesso, 252
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel. 2260-9385


Steamworks Steamworks2
279 Latrobe Street
Melbournem, Australia

162 Wellington Street, Collingwood
Melbourne, Australia

Bodyline Sydney
10 Taylor St.
2010 Darlinghurst
Tel. +61-2-93601006

Sydney City Steam
357 Sussex St.
2000 Sydney

2107 4th. Street
Berkeley (CA)
United States
Tel. (510) 8458992

branch steamwork in Chicago:
3246 North Halsted Street
Chicago (IL)
United States
Tel. (773) 9296080

The Club Dallas
rent only a locker and not a room, there are no free or public rooms. You have to have sex in the sauna or steam bath
2616 Swiss Ave.
Dallas (TX)
United States
Tel. +1 (214) 821 1990

branch in Fort Lauderdale:
The Club Fort Lauderdale
110 N. W. Fifth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale (FL)
United States

Midtown Spa
2935 Zuni St.
Denver (CO)
United States
Tel. (303) 458-8902

Midtown Spa
3100 Fannin St.
Houston (TX)
United States

Clubhouse II
2650 E. Oakland Park Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale (FL)
United States
Tel. +1 - (954) 566 6750

Flex Los Angeles
4424 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles (CA)
United States
Tel. (323) 663 7786

The Chute
1440 E Indian School Road
Phoenix (AZ)
United States
Tel. (602) 234 1654

Steam Portland
2885 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland (OR)
United States

The Watergarden
decent crowd, guys even play at the pool and in the showers, lots of Mexicans and Vietnamese guys
1010 The Alameda
San Jose (CA)
United States

River Street Club
This is a really nice, well kept place. Because it's the only gay sauna within a 100 miles, it gets a large crowd of men. Busiest on Wednesday afternoons, and Friday, Saturday nights -- but often surprisingly busy at other times as well.
Near Albany and Saratoga Springs.
540 River Street
Troy (NY)
United States
Tel. (518) 272 0340

1-5 Donegall Lane
United Kingdom
Tel. +44-2890-324448

The Garage
6 Union Street
United Kingdom

Spartan Health Club
127 George Road
United Kingdom
Tel. (0)121 - 3823345

Locker Room
50 Charles St.
United Kingdom

The Greenhouse
47a Picturedrome Way
United Kingdom
Tel. (0)121 - 5686126

5 Broughton Market
United Kingdom

Pleasure Drome Central
125 Alaska Street
London SE1
United Kingdom
Tel. (0)20 - 76339194

Star Steam
Mainly local guys but a very friendly sauna.
The action takes place in the basement which has sauna, steam, showers and a few cabins
38 Lavender Hill
London SW11 5RL
United Kingdom
Tel. (0)20 - 79242269

Blue Corner
164b Heaton Park Road
United Kingdom
Tel. (0)191 - 2400122

Pink Broadway
79/80 East Street
United Kingdom

129 Mount Road
United Kingdom
Tel. (0)151 - 6301516

31 McMahon
Quebec, Canada

Spa Excess
105 Carlton Street
Toronto, Canada

St. Marc Spa
543 Yone Street (Top Floor)
Toronto, Canada

The Cellar
They have 20 rooms, lots of lockers, and it's bark, for thoses of u that like the bark. Can get very buzy on weekends & Wednesdays are at a reduced rate on rooms and locker, busy day too. Mostly older men bear type. They also have a special every day called the nooner & a second nooner on Monday & Tuesday at 7pm in the evening. A lot of regulars meet here to connect up
78 Wellesley St E
Tel. 416-975-1799

1048 Davie Street
Tel. (604) 689 9719

Gaysauna Maastricht
Kelmonderhofweg 51
6191 RB Beek (L)
Tel. (0)46 - 4490015

Blue River
Valkenboslaan 181-191
2563 CT Den Haag
Tel. (0)70 - 3646407

s Gravendijkwal 130
3015 CC Rotterdam
Tel. (0)10 - 4366285

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